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Event Type Social, Party
Category Music, Dance, Theater
Fee You can get tickets here $25.00
Contact Anastacia , 303-819-2140   
Evolutionary Productions presents a fundraiser to bring Arab, Israeli and Persian DJs to Petra, Jordan in the spring of 2018 for a metamorphosis of conciousness through music and dance. You can get tickets here The concept is to bring together Arab, Israeli and Persian DJs to play together at a Bedouin Camp for local and international audiences. This project feels much bigger than myself and it may be the outcome of a series of transmissions. The place where I received my first transmission and where the event will be held has a natural amphitheater among the giant rocks of Wadi Rum. The word Magic cannot not describe this place. It is a place of heart, soul, history, mystery and the sublime sacred. I cannot wait to share this place with each of you and dance the future into being together.
My intention is to gather people of this land and abroad using music and dance as universal languages to overcome preconceptions of "other." And to utilize the trance of electronic music as a pathway to recognizing each other as individuals who share a common experience.
I am not interested in this event being political in any way. My desire is that the experience and the portal that the music creates, transcend politics and the division which politics promotes.
During my first trip to the West Bank in 2016 I participated in the inaugural Nablus Arts and Culture Festival. As a person who has studied the wounding of the Middle East for many years, I was humbled by the ingenuity of abandoning politics and replacing it with art and culture as a mechanism to bridge cultural divides and misunderstanding. I believe that governments are often too corrupt to help the people that they are charged with serving. But each of us has the capacity to release our minds to disengage from the systems that perpetuate discord. I believe that music and dance can create a portal for this evolutionary transition by allowing us to recognize each other through human to human diplomacy.
I have spoken to many people about this event and have found great enthusiasm for it among various people in Jordan, Israel, the West Bank, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Syria and Iran. I think that people are waking up, recognizing the uselessness of discord and division and are hungry for peace.
This party is to raise funds to put deposits down on DJs and venue for the Petra event in May of 2018.
If you have any questions, curiosities, feedback, insight or are interested in being involved at any level please feel free to reach out.
With devoted visions of peace ~Anastacia
What to Bring
Ability to enjoy the evening
What to Wear
Whatever makes you happy