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Dr Joy Patten

Category Alternative Medicine
Business Type Profit
Hours M, Tu, Th, F 9-5. Healing Spiritual Journeys to Brazil two or three times a year.
Location 620 Miller Ct, Suite 104 Lakewood Colorado 80215
Contact Tel: 303.999.1367
Fax: ,
Website: website
How this business
is green
I am an adamant recycler.
Additional contributions
this business gives
I lead a monthly John of God Meditation on the 2nd Monday of each month & sponsor the monthly Kirtan at Mile High Church on the 3rd Friday of each month.
I believe that the body-mind is a sacred expression of the Divine.
We are here to learn how to care for each other, and how to care for our bodily temple. If I ask myself, "Am I in harmony or am I in disarray?" what is my answer? If things need to change, how can I change them and treat myself and others with respect?
We are here with an opportunity to make a difference. That difference is shown by our actions, our thoughts, our deeds, our presence, and the way we treat ourself and one another.
We are living at an absolutely critical moment. We don't have another generation to make a difference. We need to start right now!!
Dr Joy believes that her part in making a difference in this world is to help you feel better, by helping you to feel more alive, more awake, and more inspired. She does this one spine at a time, through Network Care, a form of light touch chiropractic. Network Chiropractic helps your nervous system learn new sustainable strategies that let your body release its tensions, stresses, and stored negative patterns, and utilize this transformed energy towards your own healing and transformation.
She also does shamanic and energetic healing and works with Astral Doctors who realign your internal matrices to their original blueprint. Dr Joy guides groups interested in healing to the spiritual healer John of God on 2 and 3 week trips to Brazil.